St. Anthony Festa - Early 1960's
Duffy Antonucci and Egidio Faiella

Procession through the streets of West Aliquippa
Tony Colella and Egidio Faiella

SOI Club in West Aliquippa

(l-r) Cumpari Vito Ranieri, Grandpa & Uncle Joe
The late Cumpari Ranieri was Grandpa's Best Man
at my Grandparent's wedding.

Photos from old North Beaver Avenue!
Grandpa making delicious homemade
wine the old fashioned way!

Uncle Joe helping Grandpa

Even Grandma pitched in to help!

(l-r) Grandma, little Uncle Joe & Grandma's sister Patsy
(Hello Aunt Patsy!)

Grandma and her sister-in-law Francie
(Hello Aunt Francie!)

Early 1950's
Dad & Uncle Joe hangin' out with their boys!
If these faces look familiar, please let me know!

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